How it started


My first experience with making "novelty" cakes was brought on by my son.  Like any mum i wanted to make his first birthday a big fuss, which meant no ordinary store bought chocolate cake!


I must admit being my first attempt it wasnt super crash hot as i had never worked with fondant or sculpting and building objects out of cake, but it still made an impact and i got alot of positive comments and thus, the journey began.


 The 3rd cake i made really was the deicider that this was what i wanted to do. My Aunt had come to pick up the cake for her daughter's 16th birthday (pictured) and the first thing she said was - "OMG... i just got goosebumps"


For me it has become all about the reactions and comments my creations get from people, especially kids! It makes you feel a million bucks to see people so happy!


So ive been learning alot and refining my new found skills over the past few years making cakes for my Family and Friends and now i am proud to officially launch - "Nat's Cake 'n' Bake" with prospects of seeing many more smiling faces!


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